Our employees are trained for any emergency. Hire our staff to alleviate any safety concerns during a dangerous job. Rest assured we will do everything in our power to make sure no family is torn apart by tragedy.


We are experienced and highly trained in the transportation and industrial fields.

Our team represents your interest and works diligently to safely and effectively protect you from liabilities. We utilize special monitoring equipment to guard our customer’s interest through rapid assessment and deployment to contain and confine the emergency. We work with you and government interest to reach a positive outcome, finding avenues to save both lives and cost.

Emergency Response Planning & ICS
Training your staff in the Incident Management System, a standardized nationwide recognized response coordination. 20+ years of critical incident coordination on staff.

Pre-fire planning and Consulting
Getting you prepared for your next incident small or large.

Fire Extinguisher Training
We cover the ins-and-outs of fire extinguisher ownership and use.

Rapid Response Fire Training

Fire Safety Awareness

Emergency Action/Response Plans

FRP’s – Facility Response Plans

On-site Firefighter Supervision
An easy way to gain peace-of-mind knowing your staff will be in good hands if a fire were to start on site.

On-site EMT/Paramedic Supervision
Nothing will alleviate a medical emergency faster than having EMT services on location.

HAZMAT Emergency Response
Our team practices safe and proven methods of responding to and mitigating hazardous material emergencies. We handle your spills and coordinate clean ups.

Critical Hot Work/ Hot Tap Standby
Stand by with foam suppression unit or any fire equipment needed for the situation for your critical jobs.

Compressed Air Foam Systems Fixed or Portable Sales, Service, and Rentals
Compressed air foam systems on location with remote dump capabilities.

Fire Extinguisher Sales and Service


We have specially trained personnel to respond to biological and chemical releases upon request. The rescue of victims, hazard mitigation, technical guidance and advanced control and capture of hazardous materials are the primary functions of our team.


If not contained immediately and properly, hazardous materials can cause death, serious injury, long-lasting health effects and damage to buildings, homes and other property.

GryphonESP Services provides a full suite of Oil Spill Response, Clean-Up and Decontamination Services.Our clients understand the value of a dedicated oil spill recovery team. GryphonESP will provide you an Incident Command System (ICS)-trained workforce ready and able to respond to incidents at your facilities or infrastructure with a site-specific approach, working closely with your management team.

GryphonESP provides personnel ready and able to respond to oil and other spills, large or small, at facilities or varied infrastructure. We maintain a database of HAZWOPER certified (24-hour and 40-hour) personnel.

Team leaders with nearly thirty years experience will review your spill contingency plans, develop an understanding of your company culture of spill preparedness, assist you in developing scope of work requirements, and provide a proposal for a Master Services Agreement for oil spill response. GryphonESP project managers will work with you to diligently understand your company rules and procedures with a careful regard for policy enforcement, contingency plan improvement and response preparedness.

Spill Response Curriculum Development and Training Delivery
GryphonESP Emergency Response Team Manager has been deployed internationally on all types of emergencies and can assist your team as needed. We ensure that personnel are properly and consistently trained in safety, procedures, and effective equipment utilization.

Contingency Planning and Plan Assessment
Our experts can assess and evaluate your existing Oil Spill Contingency Plan or assist in the development of a new one detailing equipment, personnel, time to respond, logistical operations, response coordination, regulatory requirements, training, response drills, reporting requirements and action planning.

Oil Spill Preparedness
GryphonESP emergency response personnel will provide leadership in all aspects of spill preparedness including planning for and conducting oil spill response drills. Our philosophy is to keep it focused, clear and simple.

Short-notice Response Teams (Land & Marine)

On-scene Coordination

Safety Specialists – Hazardous Materials Focus

Full Crew Support

Response Curriculum Development

Site Specific Training Delivery

Oil Spill Response Drills

Contingency Plan Assessments and Development

Oil Spill Logistics Management

Waste Removal and Transport (3rd Party)

Biodegradable Cleaning Solutions


Seconds count when responding to an oilfield fire or industrial chemical spill. We use Micro-Blaze® microbial products that help our responders safely and quickly attack spills.

GryphonESP Responds!

In November 2014, GryphonESP responded to an accident where a semi truck hauling 48,000 lbs. of Sulphuric Acid went off the road. The GryphonESP HAZMAT Response Team called in one of their recovery tankers to transfer the acid successfully without incident.

New Equipment!

Our capabilities are always increasing as we gain new equipment to aid in our efforts.

800 Gallon Suction Trailer/Line Locator

The 800 gallon spoil tank comes with two sight glasses positioned on the rear of the tank to provide monitoring of spoil level. The pump operates between 800-1400 RPMs and has an automatic lubrication system. The suction valve can be set to either vacuum or apply pressure for high speed dumping.

Multiple Uses for On-Site Cleanup

  • Locate underground utilities without impact damage.
  • Clean up hazardous material.
  • Assist in emergency road spills.
  • Removes wet OR dry material
  • Clean storm drains of debris
  • Clean irrigation canals/ditches
  • Assist in storm damage clean-up
  • Dig shallow wells
  • Dig trenches