Refund/Return Policy

Refund/Return Policy: All services rendered by GryphonESP LLC are provided on a non-refundable basis. Refunds will be provided in certain circumstances, but not within 24 Hours of the appointment date. This includes, but is not limited to, appointment fees, testing costs, or any associated fees. In addition, if your account is canceled by the company for violation of this Agreement, all payments made to GryphonESP LLC become completely nonrefundable. Customer agrees not to charge back any credit card payments for services rendered. In the event that a customer files a charge back or other payment dispute, they will be considered to be in violation of this agreement and may be subject to collection action.

Indemnification: Under no circumstances shall GryphonESP LLC be held liable for damages resulting from any interruption of service for an amount greater than the amount of the charges payable by the Customer for services during the period damages occurred. Customer also acknowledges that in no case will GryphonESP LLC be liable for damages as a result of its own negligence in excess of the charges payable by the Customer for services during the period damages occurred. Customer acknowledges that they make use of GryphonESP LLC’s services and facilities at their own risk.

No Lease Implied: Customer acknowledges that GryphonESP LLC is providing a service, and no binding lease of physical equipment, products, or real estate is in any way implied as part of this agreement.

Billing Errors: Customer acknowledges that GryphonESP LLC will make its best effort to ensure that all invoices are correctly issued. However, should Customer note any possible errors, Customer agrees to notify our Billing department within 15 days of the issuance of the errant invoice. After 15 days, all invoices will be assumed to be correct, and no further billing adjustments will be made.

Service Rates: Customer acknowledges that they have been made adequately aware of the initial rates and fees associated with services being rendered by the Company and have received a complete description of services to be rendered. Customer also acknowledges that GryphonESP LLC reserves the right to change the specified rates and charges from time to time. Any promotional offers made by GryphonESP LLC are contingent upon GryphonESP LLC maintaining its cost of service goals, including but not limited to rates charged by its suppliers. Where possible, GryphonESP LLC will provide the Customer with a minimum of 7 days’ notice of any rate changes.

Violation of Terms: Should Customer violate any of these terms, GryphonESP LLC will attempt to contact the customer by email or telephone before taking any action where avoidable. However, GryphonESP LLC will pursue whatever action is necessary to serve its best interest in these cases, even if that should necessitate the suspension or termination of Customer’s services without any type of notification.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or wish to inquire about a refund, please contact Misty Turner at (405) 924-9083 or email [email protected]